Breaking News…The Return of Ginger Divine

In 2014 Chris Daniels was awarded a Grant from Sierra Arts for his one woman show, Ginger Divine. The character was officially/unofficially retired on Sept. 7, 2014. He has since become the Executive Director of Good Luck Macbeth, wrote and directed Last Call at the Old Southwest, performs with The Utility Players and most recently […]

Gateway Project Gala Days Away

The Gateway Project is a coalition of nonprofits, community businesses and volunteers who are raising funds to bring a new interactive public sculpture Pentamonium by Gary Gunderson from the playa to the City of Reno art collection. The Gateway’s 2015 Project will be a celebration of playa arts, including a formal dinner and auction of 9 bicycle […]

Grounded For Life – A Holland Project Fundraiser

Over the years, Holland Project has become an important part of our community’s cultural fabric—impacting many lives, hosting unforgettable events, and infusing a youth-positive spirit and energy into our city. We’d love for you to join us, and help Holland purchase our building at 140 Vesta Street, and make major and necessary upgrades (including a […]