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The Sierra Arts Foundation’s mission as a local arts agency since 1971 is to be the region’s premier arts organization with an emphasis on teaching, nurturing and supporting the arts in our community. Sierra Arts strives to provide education opportunities for artists of all ages, as well as development and training, financial support and promotional and marketing assistance. Sierra Arts creates and manages spaces and venues throughout our community for artists to perform and display their work.

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Prisoners to Paper Dolls

Glynn Cartledge

Exhibit Dates: April 4 - 28, 2017

Artist Reception: April 20, 6 to 8 p.m.

About the Exhibit: "I am concerned with the moment convicts experience freedom. Ninety-five percent of them will. And when they do, their punishment only continues. They no longer have many constitutional rights, including voting, equal employment, or equal housing."

"The unsanctionable shackles of dehumanization on the newly released vary from state to state and with the federal government. In over forty states the formerly incarcerated can be billed for a public defender; charged room and board for incarceration; and, must pay for electronic monitoring that they are ordered to use. Many employers outright ban them from employment; others make them reveal their felon status. They often cannot be teachers, acquire professional licenses, serve in the armed forces, or work for government agencies. They cannot be policemen or hold office."

"The day-to-day reality of this marginalized population, formed by continued systemic punishment, cannot be rationally called freedom. This amplitude of restrictions and demands placed on the formerly incarcerated burdens them with a new unjustifiable construct of punishment. Amiri Baraka said, “A man is either free or he is not. There cannot be any apprenticeship for freedom.” A prisoner’s release is a false promise of liberty. Instead of societal re-integration, the mass incarceration continuum extends its system of punishment and restrictions to those who have arrived back home. A ride on its conveyor belt of re-incarceration. Convict to ex-convict to convict. And so it goes."


About the Artist:

Glynn Cartledge, an artist who spent twenty-five years as a criminal defense lawyer, documents the otherness of the formerly incarcerated. Her series P2P, Prisoners to Paper dolls, denounces Draconian shackles of punishment that are placed upon ex-convicts. Glynn presents the formerly incarcerated as a paper doll to disturb and interpret the stylistic doll into a perplexing conundrum of human value in society. One pose, many costumes. Disrupting the incarceration continuum. Her work consists of oil portraits and fabric outfits designed for each doll. Videos of ex-prisoners and archival documentation provides context.

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