Depot Gallery Exhibition

Altar'd Landscape

Burrows, Dimino, DeVore, Laue, Lee, L’Etoil, Meehan, Stiff, Whittenberger
Exhibit Dates:  June 1-29, 2024

The landscape we inhabit has a long history of deep veneration, as the high peaks and alpine lakes of the Sierra Nevada as well as the expansive sagebrush desert of the Great Basin have instilled senses of the sublime for thousands of years. Conversely, our contemporary culture places a great deal of importance on growth, heralding the expansion of the economy, of industry, and agriculture as progress. Each of these ideas exist as “altars” that our culture places a great deal of importance on, yet often are at odds with one another. Indeed, the devotion to growth often supersedes the sanctity of the natural world, as natural resources must be extracted in order to continue this trajectory. As such, we come to a major crossroads today in regard to these two ideals: how much are we willing to destroy one altar in favor of another?

Altar’d Landscape ponders this question through the works of a number of Nevada artists, all of whom are interested in the intersection between the natural landscape and man-made forces. From human development to the disruption of natural cycles, these artists depict their surroundings in order to consider these questions being asked right in their own backyards. Through these works, we aim to use art to contribute to the ongoing conversation on land use in our region, as well as a broader reflection on what is most important to us.

Artist Reception:
Saturday, May 18th • 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Depot Gallery • 831 Victorian Avenue, Sparks

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