Board of Directors

Sierra Arts’ Board of Directors, a diverse group of our community leaders working together to support the artists and the citizens of our community.  Working to ensure that Sierra Arts Foundation continues to be a leader in the arts and culture community.

Esther Isaac


Megan O'Reilly

Vice President

Cindy Davis


Hetty Hu


Board Member

Béa Whitney

Board Member

Dana Hatjakes

Board Member

Jocelyn Mallery

Board Member

Sara Paschall

Board Member

Julianna Scala

Board Member

Dale Slingland

Board Member

Maggie Stack

Board Member

Ryrie Valdez

Board Member

Kathy Picollo

Board Member

Levi Bist

Board Member

Tasha Holloway

Board member

Cindy Lundquist

Board Member

Katie Peckham

Board Member

Megan Berner

Board Member, City of Reno

Board Member, Carson city

Raquel Monserrat

Board Member, City of Sparks

Chelsea Houston

Board Member, Washoe County