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Academy Instructor

Mandi Wirtanen

Mandi designs timeless pieces for authentic individuals who wish to celebrate themselves and not chase trends. With a passion for design, craftsmanship, gemology and metallurgy her jewelry is not based on a particular theme but has been a natural development of a variety of interests.

After visiting her first Gem and Bead show in Tucson, Arizona Mandi and her mother decided to open a bead and jewelry shop called A World of Beads. While some kids play sports or dance, Mandi’s extra-curricular activities were in the bead store. She learned valuable social skills early on by teaching jewelry making to all ages and afterschool specials. She learned beginning Silversmithing at her high school which opened a new door to jewelry possibilities. In 2007 Mandi headed to California. There she earned a degree in Applied Jewelry Arts from the Gemological Institute of America and became a certified Gemologist. Returning to Cincinnati, she applied all the new techniques she had learned and began teaching Silversmithing Classes. She created a line of iconic jewelry inspired by local architecture which made her stand out as an artist in the community.

After her husband was promoted to Reno, Nevada in 2019, Mandi sold her store and moved her family West. She built a studio in their backyard and has exhibited over a dozen juried Art shows in Nevada, Arizona and California since being here. Mandi is excited to continue connecting and sharing her passion of wearable art and teaching the art of jewelry making here in the West!

Mandi will be sharing her talent and silversmithing skills through a series of engaging workshops.

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