Year End Giving Campaign 2021
Year End Giving

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we washed our world in tones of grey, put our hands over our ears and silenced the world around us. If we no longer had the ability to perceive texture and form.  That my friend is a world without art. In the same way many viewed art with brand new eyes in 2021, the Sierra Arts Foundation team viewed our mission through reinvigorated lenses.

Collectively we have seen our society reimagine and realign what is most valuable to us.  We experienced on a very personal level how the arts comfort our souls and unites our community.  There is a reason why Netflix™, Pandora™, Spotify™ and other sites are so popular.  We witnessed how one poem read at the Presidential Inauguration sparked a resurgence in youth participation in poetry and literature.  We were all held captive by people singing from apartment balconies. I am here to tell you that these very art engagements are alive and available to you right here in our community.

I know that bright and colorful days are ahead, however I still need a financial commitment from you. If we don’t invest, and see the value in our arts and culture community, no one else will. Sierra Arts Foundation’s goal for this giving season is $50,000.

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